On my needles & hook this week…

Hi Everyone! Sorry for missing WIP Wednesday AND FO Friday last week… things got a little hectic and my week got away from me really quickly! Especially with the blizzard that hit us over the weekend in New England, which gave me lots of good time to knit 🙂 We ended up getting about 2 feet of new snow in about 24 hours, and all of the snow made me feel like I was a kid in Michigan again. Growing up near Lake Michigan we used to get tons of lake effect snow all the time. Here’s a little glimpse at my weekend.

The 'calm' before the storm

The ‘calm’ before the storm

That's my poor car buried under all of that snow.

That’s my poor car buried under all of that snow.

Needless to say, all of that snow gave me a great chance to get some knitting done. If you remember my Fiddlehead Mittens from the last WIP Wednesday, you’ll know that I only had one completed. Not the case any more! I was able to get the entire second mitten finished and even get started on the lining. I know it’s hard to tell in the picture, but all of this alpaca is so amazingly soft! I have a feeling these mittens will feel like I’m wearing a cloud!
As part of one of my favorite facebook groups full of knitters and crocheters, I’ve recently joined a ‘littles’ swap. 12 people all across the US and UK have signed up to make knit or crochet motifs no larger than 1.5 inches to send to each other. Mine have started coming in and they are so cool! I’m thinking about putting them in a pretty bowl on my desk at work so I have something pretty when I need to fidget. I finally have gotten around to making mine in hopes of getting them in the mail on Friday — I’ve decided to go with a theme of upcoming holidays making shamrocks from Sarahndipities, and easter eggs from Fiber Flux. If you’re looking for cute little crochet projects be sure to check out both blogs, I’m thinking I’m going to make extra for me and make bunting, since anyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of country kitch decor. Here’s what I’ve got so far on my littles, 5 down, 17 to go!

My collection of littles so far

My collection of littles so far

2013-02-13_12-55-38_787 2013-02-13_12-55-32_582 2013-02-13_12-55-44_325

Thanks for checking by to see what’s on my needles & hook this week. Be sure to click on the WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along links the top to see what others are knitting and crocheting this week. Happy Knitting!


Welcome to WIP Wednesday

Two posts in the same week (let alone consecutive days)… I can’t believe it! One of my crafty goals for 2013 was to be better about documenting my craft-ventures on my blog. So be ready for lots of ‘WIP Wednesday’ and ‘FO Friday’ posts.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with knitter-speak, WIP is ‘Work-In-Progress’ and ‘FO is Finished Object’. So no, I’m not actually breaking out a whip on Wednesdays and I didn’t mean to type UFO Fridays (though some in the crafty-universe call their wip’s UFO’s, aka unfinished objects. For the sake of the blog I go with WIP since last i checked there isn’t a day that starts with ‘U.’ Confusing, I know. You’ll get the hang of it, I promise.)

Recently Danielle from A Stashed Addict posted on her facebook asking how many wips people have laying around. That got me thinking, just how many projects do I have on needles and hooks laying around the house. After some digging I’ve discovered 2 crochet projects and 4 knitting projects on needles and hooks around the house (I think there may be 2-3 more in the storage unit too!). So over the upcoming weeks I’ll be highlighting my work in the ‘WIP Wednesday’ feature.

Up this week is my current favorite WIP, my Fiddlehead Mittens. With some inspiration through the class at my favorite lys (that’s knitter-speak for local yarn shop) Knitwit Yarn Shop in Portland, ME, I decided to jump into more detailed color work and give these mittens a go.

I’m using Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Couscous for the main color, Malabrigo Rios in Aguas for the coordinating color, and Suibui Knits Baby Alpaca DK in Suit for the lining. With the alpaca and merino wools these bad boys feel like a cloud, they’re so soft!

At time of publication I’ve got one shell totally done, and the second one just barely started. I think these should be done in the next few weeks, just in time for those late-winter New England cold snaps.


Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Knitting! knit.gif.pagespeed.ce.LRMYtQ35pD