Has it really been a year?

Wow!  It’s hard to imagine that it’s been almost a year since my last post!  And especially incredible to think about everything that I’ve done over the last year!  The cliff notes version is that I moved so that my 45 minute commute to work became a 5 minute commute, broke up with Justin, had an epic summer which included seeing a Beyonce concert (yes, I totally fan-girled the whole show, I LOVE Beyonce!) and a trip to the motherland, and even survived my first semester of graduate school.  Phew.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

I’ve always tried to set goals for myself about content and how often I’m posting.  While helpful in past years, I find that I was getting a little overwhelmed when I was thinking about the blog in the past months.  I feel guilty not writing more (partly because I love writing and it’s helpful to remember how it feels writing for pleasure and not for work or school), but for those of you who are on instagram and curious about my crafty adventures, be sure to check out my profile there, I’m @fsujoha.  Working on my Master’s in Social Work I come across a lot of journals and articles I find interesting, which I think I am going to start to share here more often, so that we can have a dialogue about social justice issues and what we as citizens can do about it.

But for now, here are some photos of my favorite knitting projects lately.  Between work and school I don’t have much time to play with yarn these days, but I suppose that means whatever I’m making I really really love.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy knitting!


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