Happy FO Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! I can’t believe it’s finally Friday, and February 1 at that. Between some personal issues like my car being in the shop for 3 weeks and Justin and I both getting sick, we both are ready to turn the calendar and see what February has to offer.

I’m taking College Algebra at the local community college this semester to help brush up on my math skills as I prepare to take the GRE this spring. My undergrad GPA isn’t as high as I’d like, it’s a 2.98, so I need a killer GRE score to get into my grad schools of choice and have any prayer at financial aid. Let’s hope all this studying is going to be worth it, the 2+ hours of math homework and studying a night are getting tiring, and we’re only 2 weeks into the semester.

But to help keep me sane between my crazy job and class I knit. Big surprise, I know. So let me introduce you to a new series for the blog, in the tune of ‘WIP Wednesdays‘ I’ll be posting ‘FO Fridays’ (which is Finished Object Fridays, for those of you knew to knitter-speak). This is my chance to show off projects that I actually manage to finish and either wear or gift.

This week’s project is a favorite for many reasons. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know I was able to travel to Germany this spring through the Rotary Group Study Exchange Program. That in and of itself was an amazing experience. Being the yarn nerd I am, rather than buying souvenirs in each city, I bought yarn that I would take home and use to make projects for me. In Norderney I picked up a ball of a very vivid and bright sock yarn, Schopple Woole’s Crazy Zauberball in Indisch Rosa, which is a funky pink/purple/red combo of self striping yarn. While I had initially intended that yarn for socks, through the wonder that is the Instagram knitting and crochet community I joined a knit-a-long in January dedicated to the 22.5 Shawl by Martina Behm. I knew right away this yarn needed to be a shawl so it wasn’t hidden under pants and in shoes. And the designer of this shawl is German, so I felt it was a perfect match. Here is my 22.5 Shawl, which I’ve affectionately nick-named my Norderney Shawl.

The beginnings of my Norderney Shawl

The beginnings of my Norderney Shawl

Making progress!

Making progress!

My finished shawl!

My finished shawl!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my work. Be sure to click on the FO Friday photo at the top of the page to check out Tami and the others participating in FO Friday.

Happy Knitting! knit.gif.pagespeed.ce.LRMYtQ35pD


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