Getting back on the healthy train!

Hello all you folks out there in wordpress land! I’m just writing a short update as I have been feeling quite under the weather since Friday. Not really a fun way to spend the weekend, but at least I was able to spend the last 2 days trying to recover since my schedule for this week doesn’t lend itself well to a sick day until Friday.

So as you know, I’ve been on a venture to try and get down to a health weight while having fun doing it. With the return of warm weather and snow-free sidewalks comes a whole new world of opportunity for my weight-loss adventures. After re-discovering the website Map My Run I am all sorts of motivated! My sister Jeni and I used to use the site about a year ago to track out workouts at the gym. When I didn’t have time to go to the gym any more I fell away from the site. Well I sure am glad I decided to visit the site and log he 3.8 mile walk Justin & I took last Sunday! They have done all sorts of upgrades and even made the app free! I can now track my workouts and food diary all in one place. I have only gotten to use the app to track one walk, but I think I’m hooked! It uses the gps in my phone to track my time, distance, terrain, and even calories burned! How cool ?!? Well I’m starting to get tired, so it’s time for medicine & bed. HAve a great week, and be sure to check out Map My Run!


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