The Dansko Difference

Last week Tuesday I had an appointment with Dr. Tornetta, an ankle specialist here in Boston. I started getting nervous a few weeks before, wondering what he would say, what he could do for me. But I suppose a little back story as to why I’m seeing an ankle specialist might be in order…

In the summer of ’05 I was in a bad car accident. Bad as in lay me up in the hospital bad. I had an open, dislocated fracture of my talus (ankle) bone. In other words, my ankle didn’t like where it was an decided to go on a little vacation and split from my leg bones for a while. Let’s jump four surgeries and five years later, aka this past summer. I had gotten a recommendation from my surgeon back in Michigan to see the best of the best for ankle surgeons here in Boston because my ankle was giving me all sorts of problems. I was walking with a bad limp, I had pretty constant pain, and my ankle was the size of a basketball on a regular basis from all the swelling. So I made the venture down to the Boston Medical Center to meet Dr. Tornetta. He was able to pin point the pain and limited ROM (look at me, using a fancy medical term) to really bad arthritis in all 3 ankle joints. Boo. Who wants to hear they have bad arthritis at age 26? Certainly not me. So he prescribed the usual trio — naproxen, physical therapy, and weight loss.

PT at Elliot Rehab here in Manchester is where the magic began to happen. My therapist Kristen was AWESOME. She would spend lots of time cranking on my ankle and making it hurt so good. Talk about a new experience. In the first year or two after my accident I had more pt than I care to think about, and usually I’d walk away in pain feeling frustrated that we accomplished nothing. While chatting about exercises and things I could do to help my ankle and walking, Kristen suggested I try out Dansko shoes, since the heel would be good to help even out the fact my ankle couldn’t get to neutral (a 90 degree angle) and the ‘rocker-bottom design’ of the shoe would help give me a more normal walking pattern.

The day that I bought my first pair of Dansko clogs my life definitely changed for the better. Talk about a miracle shoe! My first trip to the store I bought a pair of the Black Wide Professional Clogs and the Brown ‘Marah’ Mary Janes. It took me a little while to really fall in love with these shoes. I had never owned a pair of real leather shoes before, so breaking in the shoes was kind of a nightmare. I toughed it through, though, and now the only days I don’t wear my Dansko’s are when I need snow boots or am lounging around the house. The roomy toe box, all-day comfort, and rocker bottom that Dansko claims on their website is no joke!

Some of my friends think I’m a little crazy because I’m ALWAYS talking about my Dansko’s. But who wouldn’t? I’ve had a virtually pain free ankle the last 6 months. I’m walking better, I have less pain, and these shoes are super cute! They just came out with a new line for spring, I got got my Veda’s last week. They are super cute, SUPER comfy, and perfect for summertime! Be sure to check them out!

So there you have it, a first-hand testimonial of the Dansko difference. If you’re not already, you should ‘like’ them on Facebook and follow them on twitter. They’re a great socially-conscious company with a pretty good social network presence and dynamite customer service staff.

So I have two quick gems to share this week. I’ve been trying to collect healthy, small portion recipes since I live on my own. I made this soup for dinner last night, and yumm! I never knew I could make such a tasty, healthy dish. When you pair that with Adele’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ from NPR you’ve got a great night on the menu! Enjoy!


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