Gingers of the world, unite!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my first blackberry post. While I’m not sure how often I’ll post from my phone, I thought it’d be fun to give this app a whirl.

So I’ve decided today is going to be the day I make a big change to my look… I’m dying my hair! Eek! Now I know this isn’t a big deal to probably 90% of our society who dies their hair on a regular basis, but except for the blonde highlights I had in 1998 I’ve never died my hair. Ever since high school I’ve toyed with the idea of dying my hair red. The Ms. Evelyn Chevy Camaro commercial in the superbowl last weekend inspired me. It’s a beautiful color, and I think it’s dark enough that I won’t go into shock with the change. My cut & color appointment is for 2:30, so pictures to come later on. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this girl will be a ginger!


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