Crazy little thing called control…

Hi Everybody. Welcome to my first funk of 2011. While I could look at the fact I’ve missed a few and get all sullen and stop the blog, here I am, ready to get back on the wagon. Life has been a little bit nuts and felt slightly (who am I kidding… life has felt COMPLETELY) out of control the last few weeks. So… to say January in NH kind of sucked is a pretty big understatement. First thing that kept getting me down, was that we were pounded with snowstorm, after snowstorm, after snowstorm, after snowstorm. Yes, as a girl who grew up only minutes away from Lake Michigan I am used to snow and I love it… but, I love snow when I don’t live in the city. Back at my parent’s house in Michigan snow is great! It’s clean, you get snowed in and have to quilt/sew all day, there acreage to snowmobile/ski/sled/etc…. In Manchester, the snow is black or brown from all the cars and salt. And to say there is no where to put the snow after a while is the understatement of the year. I’m not kidding when I say there are piles of snow WAY taller than me at many parking lots and some intersections. Now I don’t want to just complain in this blog, but I really am hating driving in Manchester right now because on many intersections I can’t see oncoming traffic because of all the snow that has piled up. At least lately the weather has been nicer — no snow for a while week, woo-hoo! And the temperatures sure have been great (though it’s bad when you consider anything about 30 a good day). You can just feel spring in the air, and I for one, can not wait.

The other thing that kept getting at me in January was work — we had an AmeriCorps member working on this big nursing project, but the program we had contracted her through shut down really unexpectedly on 12/31/10. Talk about extra stress which I had absolutely 0 control over. It was really rough getting things going with her out. With her on ‘administrative hold’ for January that put me as the only administrative/full-time staff member for our program. While I was used to being the only one, doing my normal work PLUS hers got a little overwhelming. I managed to find a good groove, though, and everything has been going well. As luck would have it, they found a new host site to take over for PlusTime NH and she comes back to work on Monday. While I’m really excited to lighten my work-load, it’s pretty overwhelming to have to manage someone again. (If I haven’t mentioned before, I don’t think I’m a very good manager — I find it stressful, overwhelming, and I don’t like how unhappy it makes me). But enough work talk. I sometimes have to step back and remember how much I love working with refugee/immigrant youth, and that I’m grateful to have a job with a good salary that allows me to have a comfortable lifestyle.

So enough of the yuck that was January. While I haven’t been working lately I’ve been knitting up a storm. My lovely friend, Nicole, is opening up a consignment shop in Concord called New To You Concord that will feature work made by local artists. She asked me to sell some of my knitted/sewn goodies there, and to say the least I’m really geeked about it. For years people have asking if I sell the bags/hats/scarves/etc… that I make, and this is finally the push I need to get it started. I think after a few months if things go well at the store I may even open an etsy store. Exciting things, I know:) Here are a few pictures of some of the knitted gems I’m looking to sell (I gave the scarf away to my sister for her Birthday, so I’ve started a new one with the same colors)

So needless to say I’ve been keeping busy and am excited about the opportunity to make a little extra spending money for what I normally sit around doing on the weekends anyway. I can call the money from my sales my ‘Dansko’ fund, since I’d love to get some of the new spring styles and sandals.

So that’s all for this week. Thanks everyone for sticking with me, and let’s hope my first funk of 2011 is my only funk of 2011.

Now for my new favorite musical gem. I’ve loved both Bruno Mars and Passion Pit since first hearing their music. This week I saw that Passion Pit had remixed Bruno Mars’ most recent hit, Grenade. This song is my musical heaven! A great beat that makes me want to move, and Bruno Mars’ smoothe vocals. I LOVE it! I don’t how how to embed the song here, but make sure to check out the link on Nylon Blogs website and listen to the song. You’ll be glad you did.


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