What exactly does a more happy, healthy, and full 2011 look like?

Look at me being all proactive and writing more than one post this week.  Woo-hoo!  So I’ve been thinking the last few days about what exactly a more happy, healthy, and full 2011 looks like.  If anyone has the answer and wants to share now would be the time… really, though, I have no clue.  That’s the thinking that pushed me past my long pondered thoughts about starting a blog to actually setting one up.  I think what a happy, healthy, and full life looks like in January is going to look different than it does in June and that will even look different from July.  I think you get my point.

No, don’t get me wrong, 2010 was a great year.  I got to spend a the 09-10 school year living with my sister while she was an AmeriCorps member with City Year New Hampshire, I started dating the pretty cool Justin T in January ’10, I got my first apartment on my own in June ’10, I made it back to the mitten I so fondly call home in July AND December ’10!, I discovered Dansko Clogs in September ’10 and now have happy feet, and I even got back into physical therapy for my ankle in July ’10 and gained a whole 6 degrees of motion!  Now that’s what I call a good year.

While 2010 was a really good year, I think I can do better.  Gaining control of my weight is going to be a biggie for me this year.  I saw an ankle surgeon in Boston last summer, and he said that for every pound overweight you are that’s 3 extra pounds of pressure on your ankle.  Holy crap!  Even just 10 pounds off my frame could take 30 pounds of pressure off my ankle.  Now we all know I could afford to loose more than ten pounds, but it’s all about baby steps, right?  Right.  Being realistic I know that I’ll never have a bikini body, but is looking good in shorts and a tank-top so much to ask for?  I think not!  I’m also going to try and take a stab at my emotional health too.  I tend to be a bit of a worrier and stress out A LOT.  My boss often jokes that his goal is to give me a gray hair by the end of the school year.  I am bound and determined to make him fail!  At 26 I feel I am far too young to start going gray.  So let’s see where being more organized and detail-oriented get me.  But as Justin often tells me when we travel anywhere for more than a few hours I need to stop planning so much and just enjoy.  That work-home balance is something I need to be better about putting into practice….

I suppose that’s enough about what I think will indicate success at a more healthy 2011.  Check back in the next few days on my thoughts about what a more happy and more full 2011 look like!

Here’s a great artist you should check out — Xavier Rudd. I first heard him on one of my favorite TV shows, Weeds. I kind of forgot about him until more recently when he’s been popping up on my Pandora. Messages is one of my favorites of his, but all his music is great. Enjoy!


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